Essay: We have got to be dreaming

My dream is to be able to close my eyes and do everything from my Internal Command Center.. no wait.. . my Internal Command Matrix 

Screw working towards your dreams man!!! Yep! That’s right, I said it. There are so many reasons to give up on your dreams nowadays. Almost as many reasons as there are flavors of iScream.

Quitters finish first


Workin for ‘Da Man’ takes most of our time upright..?

“Follow your dreams”, they say. Yeah Ok. The only reason we need to ‘follow our dreams’ in the first place is because we’re born into a world that gives you a couple years to learn & play, then as soon as you understand a little bit of verbal communication they hijack your life to educate you into the low-level system of mental slavery & obedience.

Soon they advocate hard work and training to get so you might get to the place where your dreams will come true, keeping you convinced that your ‘dreams’ are somewhere way off in the near future. YOUR DREAMS ARE NOW!!! Most people simply give up by the time they’re in their 30s and so they quote silly shit like ‘Follow Your Dreams’.

I say, “Don’t ‘follow’ anyone or anything. Listen to your own heart”


And don’t even think of trying to start your own business. You’ll have to work twice as much for little or no pay and you’ll have higher tax burdens, no benefits, no overtime and hopefully no travel time either, right? (Note to self: I saw a bus stop sign that said Future Bus Stop the other day – Google time travelling after you publish this blog post thingy)



And awaaaaaaay we go…

Ever been depressed?  It’s true that sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares, and some people have even been convinced to give up on their dreams by others always telling them that they can’t do it; it’s not feasible; you’re not smart enough or whatever other reason they can get you to believe in.  Well, maybe they’re right.


Some people dream about homicide & even weirder shit like dismemberment, arson & crap like that. Well then, maybe they are right. Who really knows..? Nowadays we all create our own reality, or so they say. Who cares if I’m broke and post-neuroerotic or whatever… I’m downright happy… Aren’t I?


So why, in hell, would I give up on my dreams? Well I guess I’m just trying to live them right now, you know, between, and during everything else in my silly little life… and how in the heck did they convince us that Life was a sentence and not a beautiful word anyways?



The Whore King


Well since I’m not whore-king a proper job at the present time, I’ve taken it upon myself to look deep inside in search of God or whatever… At least some sort of answers to life’s riddles… Or something like that.


Absolutely no answers, uhhhhh, Nope. Nada. Zilch, bam, booom.


Great. Now there’s no escape because God and the Devil are both there, and they’re both not there at the same time. That’s some trippy shit man.

I guess it’s their idea of humor or something like that, but even minor truths or some sort of direction in my life, if I am required to have such a thing, would have been nice. And so I dwell in the most beautiful & the most horrendous of places in my Mind, Body & Soul. Yep, it’s a wonderful life for sure.

And when I ain’t ‘working’ all these freaky scenarios n shit, I take my little Espresso coffee breaks, you know, to ‘up the ante’ – since I’ve been drinking coffee all day long anyways.

Then I arbitrarily write them down so that my little coffee ‘break’ is a bit longer each day, you know, all the while trying not to notice this breaktime extending phenomenon because this is The Life, innit? You know, like a co-whore-prat job or whatever. So screw working for The Man, I’m working for The Masses here.


Oh look.. There’s a Truth. Yaaay.



Don’t even think about it


So do you guys wanna talk about philosophy & shit…?

Hah, No Thanks Mr. Visher. Let’s just screw the philosophy too right?  Isn’t that what kind of started all this crap in the first place?

I mean, why do you think we all work the 40+ hour work weeks anyways? We also move further & further from that place where we work in the city to gain a little extra piece of mind, correct?

Yeah, I think I know why: Because we can’t handle the thought of facing the fact that god and the devil are both inside of us right now. Know what I’m saying?



Excuses, excuses


So now we have a great excuse right? Perfect perhaps. I mean we even set this society thingy up so that we have to pay for everything. Every thing from a place to live, to clothing and even food. What the hell right? It’s utter coolness, I suppose… or was that surmise?

I’m sure we all know that we create our own reality & shit by now; so then I guess we’ve all created this cute little world all together then didn’t we? Therefore, taxes on top of every-fuckin-little-thing is also good right? I mean we did it to our selves so it must be coool.


Come to think of it, perhaps it’s really like an education fund or some shit like that – so that when we get out of kinder-garden you know… We have our tuition for higher consciousness kind of funded already. Cuz you know that education isn’t free right? Grade school seems free, but you pay for it trust me. They teach your kids exactly what they want them to learn to keep this great society running smoothly and we can’t just let this society thingy fall all apart now can we?


Like it matters


And while I can’t even remember all of the rules of the English language that they indoctrineutered me with in school, I do know that I don’t care about every time I start a sentence with some good old BABL (Because, And, But & Like) (*Note to self: BABL less)


All I know for sure is that I surely didn’t create whatever the heck it was that I met inside of my self and well, there’s no way I’m going back there now man. So if i were you I’d…


  • Thank you for your time
  • Neal Visher ©2020

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