Music: Chew Chew Train by Neal Visher

Neal Visher –  Chew Chew Train

(Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter – Lyrics below)


Neal Visher – Chew Chew Train lyrics:
Sittin on Noah’s Chew Chew Train
Eatin all of his pets again
And I wonder if his inviting me
Is one of those things he regrets you see

Cuz he used to have an ark
But now he’s got a train
Does he think I wouldn’t eat em
Cuz he knows that I’m insane

I really love these animals
So know that I’m humane

The emus & the otters & the bears and such
he knows I like their taste, Oh I love it so much
The elephants skin and the antelopes brain
The lions heart…oh, i feel his pain

while the world is drowning in torrential rain
and I’m sitting on Noah’s Chew Chew Train…

Owwww… Watch out…!!!


– Neal Visher

Bow River, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
September 15, 2013

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