ThoughtsByNV: Writer’s block

Hello. I’ve lived in Calgary, Canada many times over the coarse of my life and I currently reside here. About 20+ years ago, alcoholics & party people could go to 11th Avenue SW and gather out along the Bar Strip called “Electric avenue’. – Woot!

Electric Avenue has since disappeared, but we now have The Red Mile. Another long stretch of a few city blocks catering to…  Entertainment (also known as Drinking)

As a writer, there’s a myth that we’re all winos, or perhaps worse; alcoholics. Well, this idea, myth, whatever it may, or may not be, is potentially true at any given time in a writer’s life… maybe.

Just like Electric Avenue or The Red Mile, wouldn’t it be great to have a whole city block that catered to writers that we collectively referred to as Writer’s Block? A friendly place where writers could gather and be around other writers. Ironically, this could potentially put an end to the dreaded ‘writers block‘ that we’ve all heard of.

As for the ‘actual condition’ called writers block: For the most part, it doesn’t even exist. Writers block is usually as simple as getting off my gravity-laden ass; putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, etc) and making it happen. The block then dissipates and we have a small threshold of self-chastising and maybe some low self-esteem until the creativity and the muse take complete control of things for you. Thanks for listening!!!

Neal Visher



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