Album: The 3rd Nipple Music Remixes

Hey everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the release of our actual remixes album titled: 15 Minutes of Fame. We do remixes of some well known artists as well as some indie artists interpretations of each other’s music.

We’d like to thank the many generous websites such as WordPress and BandCamp that provide great services for free as well as the many artists who have helped shape, create or otherwise influence these wonderful works.

Thank you for listening,


PS: If you enjoy our creations, please be sure to visit our Patreon page:

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Album Credits: 15 Minutes of Fame  – The 3rd Nipple Remixes

Fragile Bird (Red Line Mix)

Dallas Green – Fragile Bird

ft. Neal Visher, Crybaby Lang

Begging for Change

Indaba Music Opportunity

Playing For Change – Groove In G

ft. Neal Visher, Colin Deoni, Crybaby Lang

L’Onlyer Than You

Nine Inch Nails – Only

ft. Isolated Ground Receptacle

Cutting Through My Head

Indaba Music Opportunity

Inner Party System – Not Getting Any Better

ft. Crybaby Lang, Isolated Ground Receptacle

Trippin with the Crickets

Isolated Ground Receptacle – Trippin with the Crickets

ft. Mstokes, Crybaby Lang

Sun Slapped

Isolated Ground Receptacle – The Sunshiner

ft. Dub Cadence

Round 7

Indaba Music Opportunity

Fight – The Movie – Remix

ft. Isolated Ground Receptacle, Crybaby Lang

Glitch in Time & Brandy Wine

Looperman member Spivkurl – Brandy Wine

ft. Isolated Ground Receptacle

Tetrahydrocannabinol – TNV2

ft. Isolated Ground Receptacle

Trippin on a Cricket redux

ft. Michael Stokes, Isolated Ground Receptacle



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