Design By NV: Music, Writing & Comedy Schiz.


Design By NV creates multi-stylistic sounds (Loops, Logos, Full songs) as well as graphics (Poetry, Logos & Banners), Writings (Essays, Quotes, Flash Fiction, Comedy and so on). We also provide freely downloadable songs and videos that are a force to be reckoned with.


We cover multiple genres & sub-genres in the following, top level categories: Acoustic, Rock, Electronic and Cinematic with lots of cross-pollination due to each individuals unique styles and influences through their lives. We thank you all for and Likes, Shares & Comments. Our catalog of releases are be found on Bandcamp.


If you are seeking some of our Royalty-Free sounds & loops, please check out our profile on Looperman.


Should you come to rely on our wit and charm that’s embedded into all of our creations, why not  check out our page on Patreon for some extra special goodies that you may not find here or elsewhere: DesignByNV


We can be reached via email at: thiiird_nipple_music@yahoo.ca  and be sure to check out our You Tube playlists for the latest videos including Isolated Ground Receptacle. They have the most wonderful visuals and offer some amazing electronic/industrial music: Neal Visher on YouTube
Crybaby Lang

Design By NV