Blues, not a color (Music 3 pack)


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Cerebral Excursions – The Life Sentence

I started playing a game I call #Freesound4 where we open 4 browser tabs and go to and pick 4 search topics, open an audio recording app & record what ever sounds we play from the search result set.


I call this one: The Life Sentence. It’s about 15 minutes in length. Beware of Reincarnation, it’s a longer ride. Please fasten your seat belts.

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#Game – #Freesound4

So, let’s play a game. I like to call it #Freesound4 – Where we pick 4 search terms and open 4 different pages at and randomly play sounds while recording the output. So let’s all play and post our results with the tag style: For example: I used and 4 terms/web pages so #Freesound4 is my hashtag freesound denotes the site you used and 4 represents the number of search terms. GO:

PS: My latest recreations are here at the the time of this blog post:



Poetry: until we meet again

Neal Visher – until we meet again
In whirlwinds of feelings, does happiness elude
The emptiness of hopelessness; I twist, I turn, I brood
But is existence futile, with nothing there to see?
The hands of time arrested while they cut you viscerally

Do gifts appear as water dancing on deserted sands Continue reading

Video: T minus 60 seconds (the haunting)

  • Artist: Isolated Ground Receptacle
  • Track: #5 – T Minus 60 Seconds (The Haunting)
  • Description: A dark electronic, industrial soundscraping cerebral infection

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The full album, EVILUTIONARY, is available for download on Bandcamp:

Isolated Ground Receptacle – EVILUTIONARY

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Neal Visher