Poetry: until we meet again

Neal Visher – until we meet again
In whirlwinds of feelings, does happiness elude
The emptiness of hopelessness; I twist, I turn, I brood
But is existence futile, with nothing there to see?
The hands of time arrested while they cut you viscerally

Do gifts appear as water dancing on deserted sands Continue reading


Haiku: The Automaton

  • An Automaton
  • Killing in the name of God
  • God does not exist



I am somehow attracted to the 5/7/5 aspect of the Haiku. I call it Western style haiku as I may, or may not, allude to a ‘season’ and I may, or may not, use a cutting word, or¬†kireji

I hope you enjoy them either way. Feel free to download and/or share the artwork above.