Poetry: at least for today


at least for today

every fragmented memory like a lifetime ago
and i sit in wonder was it even me
as this moment now is all that i know


and i wrote a song the other day… so at least this i know,
that i took some time to play and i recorded it so
i would remember that this was me someday


and as i sit here simply letting this lovely song play
I’m reminded of a purpose that seems, more or less still
and yet so far away


and i feel no more of the dismay.
well, at least not for today anyway

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Neal Visher

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Writing: out of dismay

My nightmare’s attitude alludes to the many meticulous dimensions of my previous detachments to depression; however, my most meticulous decisions as of late have led me like a lemur to my elusive emotions creating the impression of pain and the rediscovery of my own suicidal tendencies.

At which point I wrote the following, flimsy attempt at a fool hardy poem:

Maybe I haven’t found the right words to say
’cause my suicide note would’ve been signed today.

And then I suddenly realized that the single light in the dark forest of my memories and fears could be extinguished… and I shivered inside as it was the only thing keeping me warm that murky morning.

So there I stayed while I prayed & built a fire to light the way, for today is the day I lead my people out of dismay.