Film Scoring Masterclass

I’m happy to say that I’ve enrolled in Hans Zimmer Masterclass. Let’s see what the future holds for the influences I’ll pick up from this great man.


You can listen to and download some of my previous musical expressions on my site:  Thank you to Potential Place Society for helping make this a reality.








Poetry: until we meet again

Neal Visher – until we meet again
In whirlwinds of feelings, does happiness elude
The emptiness of hopelessness; I twist, I turn, I brood
But is existence futile, with nothing there to see?
The hands of time arrested while they cut you viscerally

Do gifts appear as water dancing on deserted sands Continue reading

ThoughtsByNV: Writer’s block

Hello. I’ve lived in Calgary, Canada many times over the coarse of my life and I currently reside here. About 20+ years ago, alcoholics & party people could go to 11th Avenue SW and gather out along the Bar Strip called “Electric avenue’. – Woot!

Electric Avenue has since disappeared, but we now have The Red Mile. Another long stretch of a few city blocks catering to…  Entertainment (also known as Drinking) Continue reading