Vocalgebra: Lesson #47

Vocalgebra Lesson #47 – A lesson from a moron


  • 1) A book written by a convicted felon
  • 2) Official dogma such as The DSM-V, The Patriot Act, Any goverment document, etc.
  • 3) Something that you can be both in, and out of, at the same time.
  • 4) Opposite to that of protext such as this

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Poetry: until we meet again

Neal Visher – until we meet again
In whirlwinds of feelings, does happiness elude
The emptiness of hopelessness; I twist, I turn, I brood
But is existence futile, with nothing there to see?
The hands of time arrested while they cut you viscerally

Do gifts appear as water dancing on deserted sands Continue reading