Poetry: a transitional moment

  • A poem about anxiety, a way out, and living for the moment…

‘a transitional moment’

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Essay: We have got to be dreaming

My dream is to be able to close my eyes and do everything from my Internal Command Center.. no wait.. . my Internal Command Matrix 

Screw working towards your dreams man!!! Yep! That’s right, I said it. There are so many reasons to give up on your dreams nowadays. Almost as many reasons as there are flavors of iScream.

Quitters finish first


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Writing: out of dismay

My nightmare’s attitude alludes to the many meticulous dimensions of my previous detachments to depression; however, my most meticulous decisions as of late have led me like a lemur to my elusive emotions creating the impression of pain and the rediscovery of my own suicidal tendencies.

At which point I wrote the following, flimsy attempt at a fool hardy poem:

Maybe I haven’t found the right words to say
’cause my suicide note would’ve been signed today.

And then I suddenly realized that the single light in the dark forest of my memories and fears could be extinguished… and I shivered inside as it was the only thing keeping me warm that murky morning.

So there I stayed while I prayed & built a fire to light the way, for today is the day I lead my people out of dismay.