Haiku: Stripped

  • Stripped of my Soul’s fire
  • I stand naked before God
  • Broken in His eyes


sdk - stripped - firepics - The Guardian.png

Written by SDK @DesignByNV

Thank you for your time. Feel free to download and share.

Design By NV


ThoughtsByNV: Being smart hurts

Q: Why do things & scenarios that aren’t considered very smart usually hurt?
Merriam-Webster themselves, who we all, basically consider ‘smart’, used the one that hurts as the first definition:
  • Smart: 1) making one smart : causing a sharp stinging


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Essay: Perspective

Perspective ?

Here’s Mine (At the moment…)

The reason, I believe, that we call it ‘perspective‘ is because it can literally change as you learn & grow or simply as time passes. When you ‘look at it again’ ie: per-spective you remember different thoughts, feelings and perhaps even communicate the story differently to others. (A good example is re-reading a book that you read years ago. You remember some, perhaps to a T; yet you also gain new insights and continue to re-filter it with your ‘new self’.

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Essay: We have got to be dreaming

My dream is to be able to close my eyes and do everything from my Internal Command Center.. no wait.. . my Internal Command Matrix 

Screw working towards your dreams man!!! Yep! That’s right, I said it. There are so many reasons to give up on your dreams nowadays. Almost as many reasons as there are flavors of iScream.

Quitters finish first


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