Poetry: plight


there were 5 of us there on that long, lonely night
but one of us seemingly wanted a fight
so you casually started your picking on me
and i found it to be a bit much, For you see:

i ignored it, abhorred it then started to see
that the one who was fighting was actually me
it was i, you were right who had wanted to fight
well i’m shutting you down i say have a good night

alright ?

– neal visher

Neal Visher - Plight.png

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ThoughtsByNV: Catch-22

Philosophy: The game of Catch-22 that you can not not play along with even though there truly are no actual answers anyways except the answers you find and the meaning you give something. Woohooo. Enjoy the ride and live from your heart as much as possible.

Poetry: from here to there

An allusion to distance while depth is elusive
While you’re living inside, they’ll be plenty obtrusive
Is it hard to give life, an abyss, any meaning?
Of the precipice here, on the edge where I’m leaning

Is it all torn apart, inner mind cataclysm?
Do we place it on faith or intellectual schism
As created by man, laid to waste by his hand? Continue reading