Music: Advance Directive – Killer Funk w/Vocals

My cousin, David Lang on Guitars & Vocals



Music: Volition by Isolated Ground Receptacle

So, I just happen to be privy to what some would call tooooo many thoughts. Others might call it creativity, and then there are others still.. Ahhh, so much diversity and versatility eh?

And yeah, who cares what others think right? Sure… unless you want a place to live, a job, or even welfare… the list goes on and on. So perhaps we can all at least agree that we care what others think as we are all just trying to survive at the very least.

Sweet, then on that note: I hope you like this song. For those who care: This song was written based on a friends piano loop. It’s titled Volition as it actually took me 4 years of working, creating, arranging, frustration, perhaps even giving up a little here and there… in patches like… All told it was well worth it all, such is Life wha?



…and Thank you for listening. Any Likes, Shares, etc are sincerely appreciated.

  • Visher